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2023-03-19 03:25:56 (UTC)

girls just wanna play yatzy

i was a bad person on wednesday and i went to my pppt appointment even though i was still somewhat ill. but! i was afraid it was gonna be our last time (my n-psych appointment is on monday and i knew the pppt has to write some kind of an evaluation before that) and i didn't want that to be cancelled, so i went. i had tested negative for covid and wore a mask tho, and ofc kept my distance, but i mean. still. i probably shouldn't have gone - althooough, it was a good appointment... anyway. later in the evening sa came to walk w for me. then i slept weirdly well and on thursday i felt really good, just a tiny cough here and there, so i went to paja and met up with the postcrossing group. it was really good again! all four of the participants that were there the first time, magically reappeared, lol. ve was the only one missing but she too told me she's still serious about going for it, she just happened to have an overlapping school thing. vi and mat had made their profiles already, and started writing their first cards - vi got hers ready, mat took stamps to go. oh yeah, the stamps had arrived! idk if i wrote about it but last wednesday i went to paja specifically to order stamps with s; had to be done then, as i wasn't gonna be there thu/fri because of the concert. we chose nice ones with sa and mar, and s was very cute when they said they'd order the stamps to their own address since paja's mail doesn't always make it there (the mailbox's location is tricky for the mailpeople) and got very excited about it because "i never get mail!" haha. when i got there on thursday and sat down in the lobby to sip my coffee, s got up, went somewhere and then silently slid the stamps across the table to me while winking their eye - in a shady, sneaky manner, the way money or business cards sometimes get delivered in the movies (newsflash: none of this has helped me with my crush). ANYWAY back to the group; mar had written her profile but hadn't created it yet, so she did that. she had also brought a buuunch of postcards with her for anyone of us to choose from, which was really nice. i gotta say the cards mar was willing to give up were a lot nicer than the ones i'm gonna take to the group are gonna be, lmao. i have such a hard time giving up nice cards! i bet there's at least a hundred cards i'll never send or give away, just because i love them too much. having pictures is not enough, i love owning pretty things. even if it does kinda feel like a waste... ok, i'm back again. mat had also ordered some cards himself, from like poland or somewhere? they were super nice too, most of them cat themed. sa created her profile too and spent her time trying to come up with a bio, and i just. chatted and hung out. i still have to send the two cards i requested addresses for two weeks ago to show them an example of how everything works... yikes. it's already been almost 20 days, i really hope the cards eventually make their way to their recipients within the 40 days i have left, ehh. i made some notes about the future of the group - i think we're gonna meet one extra time in this 'paja term', even tho it was supposed to be just these two times, and in the next term i'm gonna reserve a time slot every week. i asked their meet up day & time preferences and we planned a trip to that lovely little shop in the stable yards, and other small things like that. i gotta admit, it got me pretty excited about the whole thing! having the group and getting back into postcrossing. i'm still not completely sure how i feel about continuing my paja visits, but at least for now i think i will be. i might not go that often tho, maybe just once or twice a week - but let's face it, last term it got a bit ridiculous; i was there four days a week almost every week! as were je and sa (i.e. my reasons for going, ha).

on thursday evening mi came over to walk w and for fika & dinner as well. she said she wouldn't mind catching whatever bug i had, lmao. her bf is out of town for a few weeks (training! as he has a lead role in a huge musical premiering this fall!) and apparently her work has been pretty rough lately, so. she said she could use a break, which i don't doubt at all... i don't know if i could ever be a special education teacher. we had small individual mudpies and i made the orange-chocolate coffee i bought on sale a while back. she took w out and thennn she made us dinner - tomato soup and garlic bread. it was heavenlyyyyyy! we watched TV while we were eating, because both of us were hella tired at that point. after she left i did some yoga, made some plans for friday and... didn't sleep at all, so on friday i was more sick again. i had made plans with je and sa (ju is sick too, she fell ill on tuesday evening i think. poor thing), they were gonna come over around two. i took a shower and while being on my phone i realized the micellar water i'm used to using has gotten discontinued. WHY and HOW is it, that EVERY single time i love a product, it gets discontinued? sometimes it feels like every single time a product gets discontinued, it's something i like... but really. it there's five versions or flavors of something, and one of them gets discontinued - it's always, ALWAYS my favorite one, or the only one that's worked for me. and i'm a creature of habit! i like familiar things! and more importantly, i *hate* being forced to try and find new things! especially if it has anything to do with my skin - my problematic, dry as hell atopic and HS diseased couperosa skin... if i find something that works and my skin accepts, i stick to it. period. so the brand having the nerve to discontinue something i love is absolutely unacceptable hnnnnghh BUT ok long story short, i found out this random store in a shopping center near here still had some in the storage, so i asked je and sa to go with me, and soon; on our way we were. we spent a small eternity looking for those two bottles the employee there said they should've had somewhere in the store, but they were nowhere to be found so eventually, we had to give up. visited the pharmacy, normal, a nerd store and the supermarket, before coming back to my place. we drank a lot of coffee, played a LOT of yatzy and some skip-bo, tried to play mario kart on switches .. but sa had forgotten to take the game with her. she made a joke about it earlier too, like "oh damn i played animal crossing last night! well, i'm sure i swapped it out" so we had a good laugh when after i had been crawling under the dresser for a hot minute looking for a free outlet, it turned out we didn't have anything to play. well, it wasn't all for nothing - sa showed us around her animal crossing island (je plays too so she was excited! i pretty much played on my phone lmao) for a bit. at one point me and sa walked je to the bus stop, but then we... returned for more yatzy, lol.

when i drove sa home around midnight, we stopped at citymarket - and THERE... they had like *nine* bottles of my beloved bi-phased micellar water, and! it was on sale!! plus the price had already been lowered to a half of what it used to be, when it wasn't discontinued, soooo it was a freaking steal! i bought four bottles. might've been a bit of an overkill, but i don't care. it'll be like two years before i run out now, mwahahaha. and finding those bottles made me *insanely* happy, it's a bit creepy actually. oh but another thing made me happy too - i found kitchen rolls with MOOMIN art on them! and the refill bags of the hand soap i use were on sale too, as was the toilet paper (that i initially went there to buy) and the coffee that sa bought for me, bcuz "we've been drinking a lot of my coffee lately", hehe. she's SO sweet, it's insane to think she used to have no friends! after i got back i put on fresh sheets - yes, also on my new 11 kg weighted blanket - took a shower, covered 98% of the surface area of my skin with different kinds of lotions, and then went to bed. i've been playing cats&soup quite a lot, and redecor, and duolingo... all these things that kinda interfere with my falling asleep, i know - but only slightly. finding those 4 bottles of that micellar water for only 11,60 as their combined price, i don't know. it felt special, somehow. even more so because of how frustrating everything was in the first place we visited. that whole 'through the trial' -aspect made the end result so much better!

sa came over again today. we were supposed to do some bulletjournaling, but then. well, she did some, while i went through my stuff and cleaned. it was really good tho, i finally got rid of the crafts shit i had on one of my kitchen chairs! i put away a bunch of other shit too, and now it's just the dishes that are stressing me out. when she became bored with her bujo and i had my things all done, we... started on yatzy. we've grown to really like maxi yatzy too, and we kept playing different versions of it and the classic game; with four rolls, rolling in order, being able to buy a new roll with a match you got when you didn't use all your rolls on an earlier round. that game is so adaptable - and so addicting; it was 2am when sa finally left, hah! my brain is so happy whenever i play. i think it's because each round, each roll even, is like a small project. the decisions one has to make are small enough for me to be able to make them, and there's just sooo much dopamine, and for some reason, the game keeps me easily focused. so easily it's kinda ridiculous how hard it can be on other occasions. i think we spent almost EIGHT hours playing yatzy and idk if i should find that worrysome, but i don't.
girls just wanna play yatzy, duhh.