Pinwheels and Tangerines
2023-03-19 02:13:27 (UTC)

Can’t stop- zane98 beats

I joined a Pokémon group chat. I really hate group chats but managed to make a few local friends to trade, raid, and gift with. I love Zane98 beats, everything he releases is amazing and I love the visuals. Hypnotic, sensual, and gravitational. Listening to “can’t stop” haha and yea I can’t stop.

I babysat my niece today. She was napping when I arrived and when she woke up you guessed it wanted to play dinosaurs! Haha she’s obsessed with them for real. She also gave me a giant bunny she wanted to interact with her so we pretended to wrestle and she would squeeze the bunny then throw some cheap shots lol. She had a blast tho. When I left it was sad, she gave me a hug and stomped away and said I need to stay at her house forever.

Um… also today it was really apparent my insecurities around my body and feeling unattractive. Sometimes I want to shut down and shut out but then I take a deep breath and push the idea out all together so that I can at least function. I detach from my body at that point to think about something else. My sister also revealed she’s started therapy. Yay! My homework is to catch the times I am daydreaming. What are the circumstances leading up to it? What am I usually thinking about? How long does each one last? And what do I feel like after coming out of a day dream? I haven’t been documenting as it happens often and I’m usually busy doing something at the moment that I can’t just stop to write. Then I forget about it all together.

I am still feeling inspired to write a song or maybe several. And also showing my art has sparked some interest to dabble again in it. See what am I capable of doing presently lol. 1,000 jumps completed.