Subject 5517

My Goon Diary
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2023-03-19 00:47:56 (UTC)


Goon topic: Queen Helena

Edge count: 161

It was a good day today and right now my brain feels even mushier than yesterday. I will try my best to write a decent sized diary entry but literally my only thoughts are about how needy my pussy is right now and how I feel so good and I can't cum because I am a good girl and I want to keep gooning but know I need to wait until tomorrow.

I liked gooning to Queen Helena again today as it was two days in a row so it felt like by the end of the day all I was thinking about was her. Especially because she is so linked to edging and gooning in my mind I think after 2 days straight she really is starting to become a big figure of lust for me. I think also because I usually goon to more material than I have been the last couple weeks so repeatedly going back to the same thing to focus on in long gooning sessions is really adding to the effect I think. I think the narrowed down goonig sessions add to the possibility of a sort of obsession in the future.

It was hard to go out to run errands again today as I just wanted to spend all day in bed gooning. When I went out I just kept thinking about my aching pussy under my clothes and hoping I wasn't leaking everywhere. I don't think I've made much progres on my goals in general but I can't really think straight enough to put it into perspective at the moment to be honest. Hopefully I can look back on this tomorrow and put more things into perspective.