CJR's diary Part III
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2023-03-18 15:39:38 (UTC)

Diary Prompt Today

"What did you most enjoy doing this week?"
Answer - Planting a tree. A special hybrid of Japanese and Korean Maple developed in Oregon.
I enjoyed doing this for several reasons.
1. My wife left me alone to plant it, and when she came outside to look at it, she fully approved and didn't criticize any part of my job. Hyper-opinionated on seemingly everything, I relaxed.
2. This small tree is now part of our local landscape permanently. It will be where it is long after I am gone.
3. As I grow old, I can go out and admire it as it goes through the seasons year after year.
4. Because my wife picked it out at a local nursery and paid $400 for it (which shocked me at the time), it is essentially a symbol of her to me. I will therefore revere and care for it for as long as I am able, though it will pretty much take care of itself.
5. It is a marvel of God's creation, and I will try and be mindful of that fact above all.
6. I got down and dirty! Strained a few muscles. Felt good physically and psychologically afterwards. A little pride.