the anger games
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2023-03-18 16:33:32 (UTC)

day 2217, working for the knife

can't stop accepting more work than i can handle lately. i thought that doing freelance and setting my own working hours would give me the freedom i wanted of not being too committed to a job but it has completely backfired.
i just can't say no. i haven't had a proper day off in about a month. im working about 50 hours weekly. no weekends.
i have this sense that every time i get an offer it will be my last and i keep telling myself that i just need to push through this one job then it will be easy sail after that but it never is. i just keep accepting more work.
im working around 70 hours this week. im making money but it feels like i have no time to even count it.
im working even in my dreams. i have no time or energy to do anything else. i really need to set a goal or something. a target amount of money and then after that i will quit the contract im in and take at least a month off before looking for something else. idk