shalom in the home
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2023-03-18 13:57:30 (UTC)


Yesterday was fun. Hubby bought me some kratome. We took AQ to get his haircut finally. It came out nice, a different look for him but he looks very handsome now. Afterwards we had some Mexican food- AQ had an enchilada, hubby and I each had a salad (diet). Then went to his job site. He’s been there for about a month straight and finally he’s done. Looks amazing! After that we went to Hobby Lobby to pick up some decorations for Nomis 1st birthday. We bought decorations for her high chair, a happy birthday banner and two packs of balloons. I wanted to get a $10 cake stand for her cake smash pictures but hubby said no because we don’t have the room to store it. That instantly put me in a bad mood. Hubby asked me what was wrong and I told him I wanted to buy baby girl a dress, I should have insisted on the cake stand. We need one for the cake smash ugh I’m such a push over! We then went over to Burlington coat factory to look for a dress. Found one with the tutu material on the bottom. It’s off white and good quality only $10. It was a good come up. Most everything I looked at there was ugly or poorly made. When we came home all except AQ took a nap. Hung out for a bit after that and did some cleaning in the kitchen. Hubby started a fire and AQ didn’t want to stay up so went to bed. Hubby and I had a long convo around the fire drank some trulys then went inside to watch South Park. We had sexy time and cuddled until I had to go and feed baby girl a bottle. I fell asleep in her room again.