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2023-03-18 13:01:56 (UTC)

Will you ever love me

It's been almost an year without a contact ... The last time you texted ,you told me you're going abroad to study . I was happy for you but you didn't see the sadness that I buried in me.
And I wanted to tell you how much

The first day of my 11th grade... I barely even noticed you . I don't know how but we start to get so close . Is it because we had the same friends or is it because of the similar hobbies and interests we hold.

But I'm so happy that I met you . You made me realise who I really am .

Remember the time we used get distracted in class and doodle in our books . Remember the time we used to sing together even if we sucked at it . Remember the time that you held my hands in zoology class . Remember the time you pretend to be my girlfriend just for fun because our friends thought it was funny and you just acted along ..
Remember the time I helped you cross the road . Remember the time we used to dance together. Remember the time I helped you get with a boy that you had a crush .

I guess you don't... because you never try to understand me .