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Starting over
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2023-03-18 07:43:11 (UTC)

I am off to a late start this ..

I am off to a late start this morning, due to a wonderful surprise, but first...I got home from work and we spent a couple of hours making love, took a break, I made dinner (sandwiches, but still counts) and we went back to bed. We started to fool around and both realized how super tired we actually were. So we just cuddled and fell asleep. This morning I saw him off to work and was just relaxing on the couch when I saw him pull back in. He didn't actually have to work, only go in and open the store, he didn't tell me just wanted to surprise me...and surprise me he did.

so, now 2 hours later, I am again, starting my day. I was planning on having the house clean before he got home but now thanks to his surprise, yeah I just want to sit here and bask in all the after feels. I don't know how this man does it...seriously

It's lightly snowing out, but it looks cold as fuck, so I have no plans to leave the warmth of this house, unless Mike wants to go somewhere, always up for that.

Other happenings, Kim and her boyfriend bought a dog, next on their list is a house...I'm like what about marriage???? Her dog looks just like the same kind as her last dog, the one that killed my baby boy cat Panther, it makes me sick that, I don't know I was fucking traumatized by that shit, still am. I won't see her dog and that's fine I don't have to, but like Mike says it kind of feels like a slap in the face. I don't really think like that, what didn't make sense to me was why didn't her boyfriend let her keep the other dog, it's the same kind??? She explained that her dog was just that, her dog. He didn't listen to her boyfriend, only Kim, if the dog would have been younger and he raised it then he would of, ok so that made sense, but yeah the same fucking kind? that looks just like him??? Oh well it's not the same dog, he will never be in my house, so just's not your problem

I have nothing to snack on up in this place, I have no coke, which I don't really need but always feel like that's what Saturdays are for, the dog needs food, so I guess I will have to go to the store at some point, don't have to wear a bra there tho so that's not that bad.

Well I guess I will get ready and run to the store and get it over with