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2023-03-17 10:04:22 (UTC)

Management Issues

Work yesterday was a bit rough.

* Three youth eloped for a few hours. Came back intoxicated.
* The same three youth broke down the door to the work office while looking for medication to overdose on.
* While doing a room search, we found stolen credit cards in one of their rooms.

These events resulted in several officers coming to the house at different times of the night. The grave lead did not know what to do about several issues, so advised that we call upper management. Upper management is almost impossible to get hold of during the week on grave shift, and did not do much when one was contacted. Instead of helping or giving advice, they came over super grumpy making comments that they were not machines. Hello - what about us on grave shift who have to be up all day for trainings that management makes in the day, and still work at night? Double standards for sure...