My short pointless life
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2023-03-18 16:52:10 (UTC)

Can this be possible??

Them bitches of artificial intelligence. Alexa and Siri and them rest of the whole enchilada or voice assistants out there.

So my question is can they perform the tasks without digging deep into our digital life? We all know they need location access, contacts and calendar etc. they basically need to put their finger into our very existence. Hence all the privacy fiasco arises. Now also a known fact is Facebook and other platforms sell our data to the advertisers to make money. So nothing is private once is online. Ever. No matter what bullshit they tell us.

So can technology ever evolve for our digital assistants to function on a need to know basis rather than I need to know everything about you so that I can fucking turn on your fucking light when you get home cause you’re too bitching lazy.