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2023-03-18 02:01:58 (UTC)

Should be a fun weekend🥳

This week went by so quickly. Oh yeah, now everyone is posting stuff about banks crashing. Yup. Podcasts everywhere posting their vids now. Anyway, it's a whole new world out there. We thought 2022 was bad, 2023 is a barn burner for sure. All I can do is keep my nose clean and don't get in debt. Haha. As I say this, I'm vacationing to Vegas in a few weeks. 🥳. But I'm on ok shape. I already loaded my MGM credit card with payments totaling -$1200. I have another one that will be at -$1000 at least. Then I got cash to mess around with when I'm there. Hopefully I'm lucky again and win a few sports bets. If not, meh... that's ok. I'll bring what I can lose. I already lost my virginity way way back when so I don't have to worry about losing that.

So I have a list of restaurant where the locals eat so that should be interesting. I think I'll hit Fremont this time and enjoy some of the crazy stuff that happens there. Lots of peeps from Hawaii go there. They seem to cater to them so I should fit right in. As far as show? I still need to make a list. Tournament of Kings for sure. Like their show and it includes dinner. Carrot Top for sure. Not sure if I want to do guided quad tour but I'm thinking about it. Hoover dam? That's a maybe. One of the acrobat shows for sure. Last time I watched Beatles Love and it was great! I think they have another one with a tribute to Michael Jackson so that's a maybe. Rod Stewart concert is a strong choice. There is a show I think called Absinthe? Might be spelled wrong but it had good reviews. Pretty expensive on the ticket price though. I know they say the Strat sucks but I'd like to maybe at least have dinner on the top of that tower. I'll keep looking.

Ordered a pizza for dinner. I took a couple slices and offered my roomie some and left it on the kitchen counter. When I went back for another slice, the pizza was all gone. She didn't even leave a cordial last piece in the pizza box for me. Just the box! lol. She's so ghetto. But at least she don't steal from me so I'll take the good with the bad. And she does pretty much just stay in her room so she's quiet and pretty much stays by herself. It's been better since I stopped leaving free wine on kitchen counter for her. Some people just can't handle their alcohol and get mean drunk. Me on the other hand get happy drunk. Maybe a combo happy-horny drunk. lol

Well, it's late. Past 2AM and I need to get up in less than 5 hrs to get ready and hit the gym. We got a cool theme today to dress for the occasion and it's St Patty day today so we will dress in green on Friday (which has just passed) and Saturday. I got a green shirt, shorts with a green clover, green sunglasses, and a green wig I bought from Party Center for my workout clothes tomorrow. lol. Should be fun. Anyway, it's late. Need y 4.5 hrs of sleep. Good night diary :)