Life of secrets
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2023-03-18 08:25:31 (UTC)


Saturday morning. Coffee.

I’m struggling to get to sleep at night. We’ve hit some potentially serious money problems and I’m someone who will always find a way when it comes to money… but with him not having a job yet and rent due in 2 weeks, it means I might have to cover for us both. Which means using savings for the house.

If the sale all goes through ok somehow, we would have used the majority of savings to do the house up. I’ve not had a chance to keep saving, we planned. Which means once we move in, we have barely anything to do it up. And will he even have a job by then? I’d like to think yes. But things are not really working out in that department. I don’t know how much hope to have.

In other news, I think I ovulated quite early this cycle. Maybe having been on fertility meds for the last 5 months and then stopping, caused my body to speed things up. I didn’t track so the only way I could tell was by the signs my body was showing. My husband met with a friend the evening I was having ovulation pains (which I found odd because I didn’t think I’d be ovulating so early) and when he got home he woke me up at 3am for sex. Then we did it again the next day. And it was natural, not forced.
After that, my body showed signs that I’d ovulated. So none of it was planned yet it worked out better than if I had tried to plan it.

I said I wouldn’t think about getting pregnant but I think that’s virtually impossible. So not tracking and not really know when I’m ovulating, is the next best thing. I’m not actively trying anymore. But I’m not stopping it from happening.

It’s raining.

We are going to the cinema tonight. I get £3 tickets through work and it’s a thing we’ve started to do because it’s cheap.

I’ll be making breakfast in a moment.

Waiting for April. I hope it comes quick.