The Life Of Scar Girl

The Life Of Scar Girl
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2023-03-18 07:54:43 (UTC)

Something Still Feels Off To Me.

So even though I got the hernia fixed and my ovarian cyst is gone for now. Something still feels off to me .. I started noticing some slight vision changes before i was even diagnosed with a hernia. So i have this constant eye floater i see all of the time and only in my right eye. Its very distracting because i see it no matter which direction i look. I dont know how to describe what else is going on with my vision I dont know if it would be considered "double vision." But also no matter which way i look there's loke this glare happening.... Worse during the day ( when its sunny ) time or when i have my light on. I was tested for diabetes before surgery for the hernia and it came back negative. So I hope if I can go to the eye dr. In alabama when we move its just a vision problem and nothing else.. But its me lol... And i cant have nice things ever....

Ive also noticed ive been getting panic attacks late at night for some bizzare reason... I get this heaviness in my chest and then i start freaking out.
If i start pacing back and forth though in my room sometimes it helps. Maybe im just still feeling over whelemed about all the life changes still... And while i tell myself im fine but my body/mind is like ummmm no the fuck you aint...

One last concern of mine has to do with my right leg. And i noticed this to before being diagnosed with everything else. I have this constant tingly/numb like feeling i get and especially in my right toe is the worst. Its even worse when im trying to sleep.. Feels. Like my leg goes numb/falls asleep. So i have no idea whata going on there.... Im hoping its just because im overwhelmed..but the vision problem i definitely need to get looked at when i get health care in Alabama.

And im sure someone reading this will be like.. Well why dont you have a check up before you leave ??? Most places if youre a new patient they make you wait a month to see them even with a referral from the primary care dr. I mean it took mother fuckers almost a year to fix the damn hernia !! So unfortunately im just going to have to wait even though the vision and the right leg especially is driving me nuts.

Just a small update on some concerns i still have about my health. Because you know i can't just have a normal life from here on out lol there's always something that has to be wrong me. Oh I also forgot to mention sometimes i get really sweaty like night sweats... There will be times where it feels like i have a fever but then i take my temperature and i dont have a fever... So i dont know whats going on there !! But that's also been a pain in my ass. But anyways... Nothing new and or exciting ... Just been busy making sure pack something every day.