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2023-03-18 01:45:42 (UTC)

Hello Where's My Rent?

I haven't heard anything from the ex in a hot minute nor have I said anything to him. It's 2:30 am and I can't sleep and I got curious. So I checked to see if he had said anything. I have him restricted so I actually have to GO and check. And boy howdy did he ever.

"Hello there mentally abusive individual.

I am reaching out to you, as civilly as I can to inform you of of things that I unfortunately have no control over. "

That is one hell of an intro buddy. But here's a little spoiler alert... This text is the furthest thing from civil. I'm not quite sure he knows what the word means if I'm being honest.

"1. I will mostly likely be deffering this next loan payment as I cannot afford it right at this very moment. As far as I'm aware, defferals have not affected mine, or your credit scores so I don't see any reason for you to be all upity about it.

As for why I can't make the payment, there are several reasons. "

Why would I get 'all upity'? Have I ever? I don't believe so. They call me saying hey he's not answering his phone calls can you tell us what to do and I say ok I'll reach out to him and that's when I text him saying hey y u no answer debt collector phone call? That's literally it.

He then goes on to list the top 3 reasons why he cannot pay that bill this month.... Like I give a fuck. Now to be very honest, his reasons are legit. I'm genuinely not mad. It is what it is and he's right deferring the payments hasn't made a really big issue as of yet. So it's fine. But he really didn't have to go into detail on the reasons why. I guess he's updating me about his life but like... Idk. I'll say one thing, it's nice to know he's actually taking care of the cat. That was my biggest concern.

He also mentions... Once again that he has no one to replace me on the loan. I know. You don't need to keep telling me.

Anyway, he could have stopped there but he's being 'civil' remember?

"I will say that I am trying my hardest to get my finances in order and have recently started work at two jobs, one being full time and one being part time while still trying to find the time to be with parents and help my mother with my dad ."

Honestly it's about damn time. He was trying to make ends meet just doing Uber for months while we were together like dude... That ain't it. So good for him for finally getting his shit together and getting a job.

Now here's the fun 'civil' part. That made me question his and my sanity.

"I am civilly letting you know these things.

I understand that you are sub-human, dark, vengeful, abusive, bat shit crazy and selfish and I know you don't have a compassionate, caring or humanistic/kind bone in your body and I fully expect you to blow up like you always do and to be abusive towards me again however I will ignore any sort of that message and immediately block you.

The health of Friday.
My father's health.
My families life.
And my stability come first and foremost to me.

You are nothing but an abusive, dark, and horrible reminder of the mental and physical abuse I've had to go through with you. You are a nightmare to me and thats all you ever will remain to be. Thank you for continuously finding ways to try to spread shit about me and make me seem like the horrible person.

I really hope one day my nightmare with you will end and that j can sleep peacefully.

That is all.
Good bye.
Do not respond if it is to be abusive or In anyway antagonistic. I will immediately block you and find other ways to inform you of things.


You know what? I honestly have nothing to say to that. I'm not going to respond to him. I'm not going to blow up over this. It's just him being mad at me for reasons honestly unknown to me. He's being abusive and harrassing me but yet I'm the bad one apparently. I'm literally just out here living my life, not worrying about you. I will say though, I do want revenge but I want to go about it the proper way. Nothing that'll get me arrested and nothing that will bring bad karma back to me. So I've been looking up things I can do cause I was really adamant that I wanted to curse the living shit out of him but some Google searches have steered me in the correct direction... Somewhat. I'm thinking about making a curse jar. Get a jar, full it with I'll intentions, vinegar, rose thorns, all that fun stuff then shake the shit out of it and put it in a dark spot. It's supposed to sour his relationships. I'm here for that. Then I went down the spell jar rabbit hole and let's just say I'm going to the dollar store tomorrow to buy a shit ton of jars and I'm really excited!

But either way, I'm out here going to the gym, hanging with friends, living my life while this fucker harasses me for no reason. So yeah 👍

Tis the life. Gotta say though I'm very proud in how I'm handling myself right now. I'm very calm about this. I read his message and I laughed cause he's crazy and I made that face ya know... Idek how to explain it... I guess like a disgusted face but with more confusion. Either way, last week me would have messaged him and told him to stop messaging me for unnecessary shit but today me is deciding to leave it alone. Let him sit there wondering if I've even read the message. I don't care.