Terminally Exhausted
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2023-03-18 05:38:39 (UTC)


The cutest thing happened. I was teaching him how to patty cake. Clap hands together and clap with a partner to a song. He didn’t understand the concept of both of us doing it simultaneously so he mimicked me. I clap he claps. I put hand out like a high five and he meets it. So we are doing this slowly and it turns into its own little rhythm of my claps and his claps. It was actually cool ☺️ and he was smiling really big. Once he got comfortable with that, I told him let’s see if we can quicken the pace. We start slow and gradually quicken the pace, he’s concentrating really hard and has the cutest serious face with his tongue poking out eyes glued to our hands. We go faster and before you know it we’re doing it simultaneously! It was so fun tho I actually preferred our own rhythm low key haha.

We were watching a compilation video of: what color is it? Where there are objects the person squish and there’s a hidden color inside. He gets it right and squeals “yeeeeeaayyy!” He gets it wrong and says “Shit” I reply “don’t say that. Instead you can say something like oh man and try again. Sometimes we guess correctly and sometimes we don’t. It’s going to be ok either way.” The next time he gets it wrong he then says “fuck you” Utterly shocked I ask “would you like to keep watching the video?” “Yes!” “Then don’t say bad words.” “Ok!” The next time he misses a guess he says “fuck! Oh I mean sorry.” Haha getting there. I just repeat “if you want to continue watching don’t say bad words.”

-“Mom today is Friday March 17, 2023.”
-Yes it is.
-And tomorrow will be Saturday March 18, 2023.
Yes it will be.
-Alright… The year is 2023. You’re going to be one year older (says my age for 2023).
- Yes haha thanks for reminding me
- I’m going to be one year older in 2023
-Yes you are! You’re growing.
-Yes I am growing!

He spilled water on his shirt and immediately took it off. “I need a new one.” He follows me to his room where he picks out a shirt and asks me to help him. After putting it on he says “I need a new one. Another one.” Confused I ask “why?” “This one’s itchy.” It’s a cotton shirt so I know the fabric is ok for his skin. I check to see if the tag is there, it’s cut off. I take the shirt off and look thoroughly and see a tag on the inside of the side. I snip it off and put it back on. “This feels great.”

Getting ready for bed he says “give me a hug. Give me a hug for one hour.” Haha so I’m hugging him and he starts rubbing his hands all over my face. I end up holding one hand in my hand in an attempt to minimize him touching my face. We’re literally doing tug of war over my face haha. So I started to rub his face, just caress around his eyes and cheeks. He calms down. He then asks for milk and is adamant about sleeping with his cup of milk. He puts the blanket over his face with his cup of milk tucked carefully between a smaller blanket and falls asleep. Haha I’ve removed the cup.