Never Broken
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2023-03-18 05:00:08 (UTC)

No weekend after all

Carrie wasn’t feeling well the past few days, but she really wanted me to come. She said she was feeling better this morning, but she got feeling bad again in the afternoon. I have had dizziness on and off for days. I think it’s stress. I just need a service dog.

Don’t worry, I know that a service dog will not fix my life or make my problems go away, but it will make me more able to deal with those problems and get out in the world.


You are merciful and most glorious. I worship you and trust you. I beseech you, if it be your will, help me obtain this dog and if not, help me to discern how you want me to serve you with or without a dog.

I am nothing, Lord. Just a sinner and so unworthy, but I desperately want to serve you. Thank you for always being with me, in the dark and in the light, in good times and bad. You are there.

In the name of the Father, son and Holy Spirit,