Never Broken
2023-03-17 22:21:34 (UTC)

Today…. Disappointment but maybe something good?

Carrie was not feeling well yesterday. She thought she would feel better, because she felt better this morning, but as the day wore on, she felt worse. I’ve also been very dizzy for several days, so once again, our plans were cancelled. On Sunday, they are driving out to California for her nephew’s funeral. He was eighteen and he died last Sunday by suicide. Allen says we can come next weekend.

I know that she is not feeling well, but in my opinion, if she’s having chills, tired all the time, etc, she should not be going to the funeral, either. I believe her about the last time we were supposed to meet, and about this time too, for I heard her voice and she sounded bad. If next weekend comes however, and our plans get cancelled again, I’m going to get mad. I’m going to start thinking that she doesn’t want to see me and just doesn’t want to tell me. At this point, my business here in Texas is done. The only reason I am here now is to see her. So I shall give her one more chance.

I got my package today, so that was good. Even better, my mother might give me some of her income tax return to get the dog…. She says that, but we’ll see.