Primal Secrets
2023-03-17 18:10:13 (UTC)

The Apology, and Explanation

Dear Reader,

I’m tired of hiding my thoughts. I’m tired of filtering my feelings. I want to be open, and honest and I don’t know where else, or how else to do it.

I come back here to this website so many times, start diaries and then abandon them. The last one I thought I really was going to keep up, but I made the mistake of linking my old diary to it, and some of my old readers followed me there, and I began to filter myself again out of shame, and worry about what they might think of my real thoughts.

So here I am again. Here I am, and I can’t promise that I’ll stay this time either. I don’t know why I always feel the need to explain myself, explain my absence, or apologize for it. I open every diary this way. With apologies, and explanations and sometimes my brain won’t even let me write anything else if I don’t write this first. So here it is. The apology, and the explanation.