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2023-03-17 14:19:42 (UTC)

A little extra sweet.

Had my first seminar class this past Wensday and I soaked everything possible inn, I took so many pictures and wrote a lot down, you know when something makes sense in your brain and something clicks that was my moment, the foundation to write any book wow.
The author began buy asking a simple question... why do you want to write a book? He said nobody reads books anymore, so why? We had a few respondes from the participants and he mentiond some of the reasons why. For me is a powerful life testemony for my children, yesterday I wrote a few 1000 words and as am reading back trying to fix some of the words I miss spelled I enjoy reading my stuff, because I write the way I like to read with those highs and lows of adrenaline wanting to get to the next Page to know what happens and well that's just my style and the teacher caough that last time he shared my piece, he's always saying the most important thing to do when writing a book is keep the reader wanting to read some more.
I haven't writen on this diary about what I'm writing now is still part of my life expiriences but some truly dear to my heart. If ever I get an e-book I will share the link for my readers here it would be an honor.
So home alone and back to writting have so much I want to get down on paper my coffee was a little extra sweet this morning.
Happy begining of spring to you all.