2023-03-17 20:56:00 (UTC)

16 March - Mess

Dear Diary

That day, my CFO announced the new sop for invoicing vendor invoices. The old one is all the invoices go to purchasing department; they will identify, check, and do the instructions for gr the goods if the goods come to the office, not to the warehouse. But for now, All the invoices go to the accounting and finance department.

All invoices.
That means local invoices and overseas invoices must go to accounting. No mercy.

It must have some improvement, but the SAP still does not provide to make improvements. It takes time to apply the new system's circle of invoicing.

How about your company?

Sometimes I genuinely want to share my day and work, but I don't have "the one."

Communicating with humans is hard.
I hope someday, one man will understand me and can teach me.

I'm so scared of myself.