just venting my depression and problems
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2023-03-16 19:45:25 (UTC)


I'm writing, yet again
today... today was nice
i talked with Amelia, it made me happy
I'm having a pretty decent day, but I'm still gonna vent about the other days

i have to work in a project for french and I'm paired with Amelia, a friend of hers, that we will call... Jane? nah too generic, Luna? eh, that's my cousin's name, let's call her "eve" anyhow.
So I'm paired with Amelia and her friend Eve ( technically also another person but they're absent so it basically doesn't matter)
even tho i hate group projects, the fact that I'm with Amelia makes it fine, she's really nice, pretty funny and holy fuck, 4 times hockey a week???
She's athletic as fuck what the hell.
Her friend is pretty nice too, its cool talking to them
ofc everyone calls me a playboy
everyone got in their own groups and i just had to go with them (which tbf im happy about but eh)

and another kid says me and Amelia should stop "flirting" with each other (we aren't) cuz i talked to her during math lesson about how if you started second in tic tac toe you can't win (cuz she was playing tic tac toe with Eve)
Apart from that my life's been eh

so first of all
to the people that do scouts with me
1. I don't play much minecraft anymore, at most 20h a month
2. I have the right to like whatever I want
3. its literally the most sold game of all time
Its so incredibly annoying that they always try to link everything i do with minecraft just to make fun of me
its so dumb
retarded asses
and i swear people out there sayin shit like, just ignore them.
well fuck you
I've been ignoring them for the past 6 years of my life.
they're annoying as shit
i swear I'm gonna snap at some point
not only
do they have to comment on that
but also

On my hair
Idk man its just annoying, i keep my hair however the fuck i want
the problem is
the comments on hair, its everyone, at school, at scouts, at home. wait nvm not at home but like still
i spend a majority of my life at scouts and school i don't want people to annoy me just because i exist the way i want
they're mostly clean, since i wash them like, every 3 days.
and i like them
they can hide my earbuds
and idrc if its ugly, i don't want girls (well i kinda want Amelia but at the same time i don't cuz i don't feel like I'd be a good BF)
Like. why you always gotta be commenting on it, yall NPC ass lookin mfs. you all have the same-ish haircut
Also fuck short hair

im tired

I have scouts camp next week-end...
I dont want to go
I also have my school trip right after

anyhow il cyall.
Hope i can write soon again