Never Broken
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2023-03-16 05:26:25 (UTC)

I may soon have a service dog. Please pray for me!

There is a lady, we’ll call her JV as those are her initials. She trains guide and service dogs and trains them for the other disabilities I have. She has a 15-month-old German Shepherd that is trained as a guide, for PTSD, for mobility and for hearing deficits…all the things I need. He is $5000 instead of $10000. The reasons are that his ears do not stand up, which was a requirement for me, he needs a firmer handler which I am, and though he is task trained, he is not finished. She will sell him at a cheaper price if I finish him. If he doesn’t work out, I can get another dog from her.

I am so excited. I’d better get started raising funds. She’s willing to let me take him for $2500 and pay the rest in payments. I’m working on my fundraiser now.

JV and I have no own each other since 1996. She is willing to do this for me because she knows I am honest, desperately need a dog and will pay when I say I will. The dogs name is Raven. That will have to change as it makes me think of the Poe poem and I never liked that poem.

I know he is not a Doberman. I know his ears don’t stand up, but I need a dog and my mum is right. If the dog works and does what I need, who cares if his ears don’t stand?

Carrie and I had a fight today. We are admins of an Irish history group we started on Facebook. The problem is, since we created the group in September, I’ve been doing 95% of the administrative work. She apologised for letting me down and asked if I wanted her to step down. I don’t. I just want her to do her damn part as she agreed. She said she spent too long following the desires of the flesh, and now she needs to go closer to God. That’s all fine, but we can’t ignore our earthly obligations. I told her I understand that she’s had a lot of upheaval. Her sister’s memorial, moving, her nephew killing himself, her other sister needing help after surgery, but she could at least post once a week. I told her we’d revisit in 2 months. We’ll see how things are then. I am so excited.

Well, I need to write on my my-journal site which I like because you can post pics and HTML links, and I need to go to bed.

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