The Diary of S
2001-10-11 02:59:59 (UTC)

A little more...

I just got back from lunch. I'm still at work and it's
almost nine!! Ughhh! I HATE THIS FUCKING JOB!!
My boyfriend wanted to have sex right there in the parking
lot!! he's so crazy. Too bad I'm on my period! Blah!!
I hate that.
As soon as I get off I'll be all over him.
Anyway, I have a test tomorrow in my theory lecture class.
I haven't studied AT ALL!! OMG! I really want to make a
good grade.
I want to be the best student in the class! Which is a long
shot. Everyone is smart in that damn class!! I made Dean's
List the last two mods but this time is iffy. It all
depends on that test.
It's about bones! There are 206 bones in the body. How can
I remember all of those. PLUS the muscles and functions!!
Aaaaaa!! That's alot to study. I must get started.
I got an email from Ori today.
We are trying to loose weight sinse we had our babies! I am
stuck at 1** pounds!! I can't write those numbers down! It
is too depressing and embarrassing! Let's just say I have
about 20 pounds to get back down to where I want to be.
That's a lot of fat. I have stopped chocolate and soda all
together. Maybe that's why I am being such a bitch. I swear
these last few days eveythings have been getting on my
nerves. My boyfriend acts like he tries to eg it on which
gets on my nerves even more. Doesn't he know how hard this
is for me?
I need an asprin.
Gotta go...
Until next time,