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2023-03-15 14:20:54 (UTC)

Today is a better day!

Today after a few days of really bad blues, am dusting all the bad things off and getting ready for my seminar today. It's a tricky thing going through depressed states of mind, if you don't snap out of it soon it can really consume you to the place of no return, I've seen it to many times. So, I woke up went to the lab to get my test taken care off and even though I'm a little nervous I will trust the process and finish up some of last week's projects that were put on hold.
Remember that feeling I keep talking about of needing time alone in nature well is still dwelling and pounding on me I don't think I can ignore it for too long. This weekend am planning on taking my kids to a natural spring water and maybe I can sneak away around the area to spend some meditating time alone.
Yesterday I had one of my dearest lifetime friends call me, felt so much better after speaking to her, it almost seemed as if she knew something was wrong and reached out.