Evolving marriage
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2023-03-13 22:10:26 (UTC)

The Ex

Dear Diary,
Keep meaning to write, my ex had a stroke last wknd, my oldest son called me to tell me.

He is okay, had 2 stents put in.

I was able to be there for my son, separate myself from all that my ex is. And just think of him as the Father of my sons.

He has called me twice to talk since, he said he didnt think hed be faced with this type of thing just before turning 30. But he faced it already losing my Mom and Dad (he lived with them while they both passed) and he was with my mom in the ER when she passed. So hes had some major dealings with this in person as a young man. So Im sure it hit him because of Grandma.

I dont have a lot else to say right now, dealing with some inner things with myself.

Sexual, faith, just things Im working on dealing with ME. Reading lots of books and listening to lots of podcasts, The Naked Pastor and other peopel deconstructing.

Sexual in the realm of unwanted sexual behaviors, etc

Thats all for now