Slowly descending into madness
2023-03-14 02:33:15 (UTC)

New crush at work

I have a new crush. The guy who is my line manager at my new office... He's my new crush.

I'm a very typical person when it comes to having crush, I would never consider dating someone from my university. And this guy is a graduate from my university and he's super nice and kind to me. I melt everytime I talk to him.

The part that attracted me so much is how caring he is. That day we had a pizza party while I was getting crushed by workload. He made sure I ate. See? Cuuuteeee. Also everytime I felt sick, he made me go home to take rest. He always helps me with work when I'm overwhelmed.

I like him so much he's super nice.


I will never make a move on him. I will never date him. I don’t shit where I eat.