Amber's ramblings
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2023-03-13 20:04:29 (UTC)


Took Bert to the vets today. I thought it was a check up to see what they could do about the matts. But when we got there the nurse took him off us and told us to give them half hour. So we went to get coffee across the road. They got most of it out he looks good now. Although he is bald. So I've renamed him baldylocks and the 3 hairs. It will grow back. But he does look funny.

Nothing from the mental health team again. Honestly I've given up on them. If I need someone to talk to I've got mum now. I know she will listen. And I know she will take my hand and won't let go. And she gives the best hugs ever. I never want to let go.

Nothing from him again either. I'm ok about that. I still miss him a little bit but I'm getting stronger the more he ignores me. I don't need him. There's only one person I need right now.

Got to take Penny to the vet tomorrow. Just a check up so nothing to worry about.

I often overthink things. And I always wonder what is wrong with me. Why am I never enough? I try to be a good person. I would never hurt someone intentionally. So why do people think it's ok to treat me bad?