Never Broken
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2023-03-12 22:10:23 (UTC)

Bad day…

It started with a fight I had with my mother over her raising her voice at me. It wasn’t what she said that got me angry and triggered my PTSD, it was the way she went about saying it. I wrote Carrie expecting sympathy, but did not get back anything other than a message saying she was sorry and that she couldn’t talk because her sister Becky, who has passed away…. Well, her son Caleb, killed himself this morning. Since I’m sure they will be going out to California for the funeral, I doubt very strongly that I will be going there this Patrick’s Day weekend. If I don’t, I won’t get to see her at all for the rest of the year unless a miracle happens. I also told her there was something similar that happened here this morning, but that I would tell her when she could talk. She never asked what, or if I was ok, which I’m not, but I suppose I understand as she is worried about her own family. I asked if she’d be staying in Midland. She did not answer. I asked if she was going to be going to the funeral, and she did not answer. I past on words of condolence from a mutual friend, and she responded to me to tell him thank you, but has not responded to anything else I have written other than that.

I know she has her reasons, but I can’t help but feeling hurt as well, because I lost a family member today, also, and the one person that I thought would care, doesn’t care right now.