the walk
2023-03-12 11:19:12 (UTC)

Another dream

I had a dream about Master.

I was engaged, faked my love for that woman just to keep myself entertained and from feeling lonely.

Master was jealous. Insisted on doing a scene with me one hour before my fiancée returned back home.
He told me he was jealous. I was so happy, because he cared! He wanted me!
He gave me food.

Instead of noodles, we had acrylic wool on the pot. Nobody cared. My fiancée and her friend ate it too, no problem. I wondered about the nutritional value and digestive trouble, but ate nonetheless.

Someone put garbage into the pot. I took it out and kept eating.

It was confusing until I woke up , but what stuck with me is that Master was jealous. I wish it were like that.

I should let it be, let the matter rest. It doesn't work out, but Master is who he is. Very important to me.

I wish Master would grab my throat, look at me and tell me that I'm his.

Nobody else. No other man.
I want that just from him, because he worked hard to gain my sufficient trust.