Dream Scribe

2023-03-11 14:59:00 (UTC)

What They're Doing.


They let the puppets know where I am at, my outward movements in the community and there's always one of them that I recognize moving close by at some point in my travels. This is harassment of the worst degree. There are also complete strangers in/from/whatever the local community and maybe from other parts of the country involved as well. I know this shit of a game well enough now to recognize it's not all local.

That's not my department.

One group is using my neighbours who I can't stand - and FEAR GREATLY - because they're harmful, abusive and toxic, but up for anything that involves making life harder for me in any way possible.
These neighbours-from-hell love being puppets to this group.
This same group is also using willing members of the local community to do likewise. Once again they're willing puppets : in love perhaps, with the idea of hurting me. Also harmful and toxic people. Good people don't do this kind of shit.
It's a fucken target specific game, believe me when I say that. This group HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT ME. ESPECIALLY THE FACT THAT I AM FAMOUS. They don't give one shit that I have NEVER WANTED IT nor what it has cost me. I have no way of knowing what the shit IS EXACTLY with this constant violent, arrogant harassment and I'll never know unless I tackle one of them with a weapon and demand to know. This won't work. It never does. All the violent ones are moving at speed. It's not happening so much which is wonderful but it's not going to stop. OR WILL IT?!!!!!

It's nothing to lose sleep over. Any more.

I'm enjoying a reprieve from one individual. Feels incredible. Far less fearful. Lighter. I can open up more and let the fresh air and breezes in. Knowing he is not there to stalk me almost every. single. time. I open my front door. Feels just amazing.

Autumn feels lovely too.

I had a McDonald's treat today. A choc top ice cream cone and large fries. Gobbled both delicious treats down. Enjoyed every mouthful. It was great!

It's 15:11.....