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2023-03-10 17:24:48 (UTC)

Life became very busy in a ..

Life became very busy in a very positive way.
Studies are going very well. I am shining in my community as well. I became a pacemaker there. The love, affection, and respect they shower on me, I feel like I am daydreaming. It really feels good. People love flexing me to the world no matter what.
It is not even Valentine's day, still another two guys asked me out. Nah, again I did not talk to them, it is just somehow they are obsessed with me. I think this is a normal thing in my life that everyone is just attracted to me. I can't blame them, definitely I am magnetic. It boosts my confidence, to be honest. Like, imagine if you are somewhere and you don't even care about guys but still, they are trying to impress you... I am just being myself, enjoying my life the way I can. I laugh when I feel like laughing, I work when it is time for work, and I protest wherever it is needed. I have a voice, I have opinions, and I have a strong-determined mentality. I love my life. I love myself. Wouldn't I fall in love instantly if I was in their shoes? So how will they resist? So yeah, leave this matter. Even celebrities have their fan following. I am the queen of my reality. And the queen will definitely have her territory.
Anyway, I got a job offer as well. Will I be able to join there? Well no. The reason is I still have to complete my degrees. 1.5 more years to go. It is really a great achievement for me. People are finding jobs and the job is waiting for me. Luck matters. What matters most is excellence. If you are good enough at what you do and if you have the confidence to present yourself, noone will be able to stop you.

Another good news is one of my elder brothers ( connected by heart, not blood) got married. This was a very happy experience for each of us. He was not ready to get married at all. He stayed single until 43 years old. And then he met a lady and fell in love and got married instantly. This is another great achievement for us.
Honestly, love is blind. It doesn't know any age, any distance, any religion, color, look, and so on. It is a feeling that can be understood by a loving heart.
My husband and I are very happy with each other. Yeah, he is still madly obsessed with me. It's been a long, right? This magic is permanent I guess. Love is overflowing in our life.