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2023-03-09 19:31:07 (UTC)

Sudden Changes

Personal entry follows.

This week has provided a number of unexpected transitions. Just wanted to note them for the record. I vacillate between feeling sad, feeling out of control, feeling tickled with the absurd, and aching for the weekend to arrive.

- Two interns left within a few days of one another. The first was one of the newest. She lasted a week before a sudden apartment fire required her heading back home. The second was a long-time resident who was kinda sketchy, kinda flaky, and kinda kind-hearted. He did a lot of housework and other homemaking tasks behind-the-scenes to make things comfortable for most of us. He's on a walkabout for a month or so, but then will come back, pack up all his stuff, and ease on down the road to start another chapter. The team is back down to five people, including myself.

- Five kittens were born here Monday evening. Somehow, they all died suddenly Wednesday night. They were unresponsive this morning, and their mother was nonplussed when brought back into the cat house where the babies were lying. Another intern and I buried them in the early afternoon. There are several theories about how they all ended up dead overnight, but of course there are no certainties.

- I visited my tent once the afternoon shift was done, hoping to grab another toothbrush. However, I can't find the box they were stored in. It looks like the box simply disappeared, and/or was taken, without my knowledge. But who would take a box containing spare toothbrushes and a first aid kit? Well, it also had my massage oil, so that's a bummer... But why not just take the thing you wanted instead of the entire box? I have the assumption that I must have moved the box somewhere and simply forgot where that "somewhere" is, however I have the strangest feeling that I didn't move the box at all and someone -really- did take the box full of stuff. Now that I think of it, when I searched up there in the tent I don't recall seeing my bag of xmas gifts, either. Are they missing as well? That would make more sense. At least that stuff was valuable. What gives? If things were taken without my knowledge and I'm not mistaken, then was it someone meant to be here, or a trespasser on the property? All I wanted was a new frickin' toothbrush.


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