Point Blank

Bee Mine
2023-03-09 07:37:54 (UTC)


I've been shown my inconsistencies and it has me questioning everything Ive done. I suppose the new tactic now is to try and bind me to a single faulty identity. If there is a fight for compliance, I fail to see where I don't comply.

It's clear that mental illness has intention. It makes up for environmental inadequacy. Ailments themselves prove the existence of reality. The psychological happening mimicks, parallels, and is influenced entirely by environment. I fail to see a reason for conscience if not for effect.

Being so reliant of surrounding to carry our dilemma... to carry our solutions proves problematic for any sort of supernatural phenomenon to occur. Then again all of life is attempting to grab at something. The path to redemption is a decoy yet still we find redemption at its end... or at least we must.

Reality is the broad obstacle. The fair mystery were all up against. We could never change without it changing too! Yet, some sort of law must still hold everything true.
Guess thats why we're made of many pieces 🤷‍♀️ and everything in us says build.

With molecular manipulation there would be actual engagement with reality to hold 'ourselves' true and our betterment. Otherwise, bare minimum is in order, and a reason not to care...