Never Broken
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2023-03-09 06:41:27 (UTC)

At home

I have always believed in God. There was never a time, until now, where I believed *because* I really believed. In the past, I was fed Christian doctrine, both Catholic and Protestant, and I believed it because it was as good as anything else. I wanted to believe, because it’s comforting.

Now though, things are different. I am at home. I believe with a 100% certainty God is real and He has a hand in everything we do. Yes, he gave us free will, but he doesn’t make bad things happen. That is a myth.

I can now rest when I am weary. I can take my burdens to the Lord and He will help me carry them. And when I do that, it helps me to be able to carry the crosses I must carry with a cheerful heart…

Just my bedtime ramblings…