Up All Night
2023-03-08 23:13:22 (UTC)

Shopping with New Card

Got a new credit card in the mail the other day. It has a small limit. I ordered food with it, drinks from the grocery, went to the corner store ... Gave a lady that didn't have any money 20.00. Now I have to pay for it on my next pay days. Oh, yes ... I made a payment on my fragrances and stuff. It'll take the next four pay days to pay it off. And I have to get a money order for it and mail it in. I can walk to the grocery store up the street and do that, they have a money services center. I need the exercise.

I have binged in the last few days. I would not be surprised if I've gained weight. I need to get back in gear. I don't want to gain weight back. And according to the size charts I've looked at. I am wearing close to the same sizes. I have not lost enough to make a big difference. My clothes are a little looser on me though.