The lonely codependent

Addicted to you no more
2023-03-08 08:14:33 (UTC)

Women's day

🎵This love is like a dream
So join me in this bed that I’m in
Push up on me and sweat, darling
So I'm gonna put my time in (Time in)
And won’t stop until the angels sing
Jump in that water, be free
Come south of the border with me...🎶

I'm not so keen on Women's Day either, especially since I saw some romantic cakes in the café and asked the girl working there if people wouldn't buy them for Valentine's Day but she said they were already for Women's Day... So what's the worth of my spinster life if only women who are in a relationship seem to be celebrated?

Anyway, in a few days I'm gonna see this guy if everything goes well because there are still some stressful errands that I need to run till then. But I'm excited. Even if I may never get further than this... I don't know, I never know when I should give up or keep hoping but in any case the damage has already been done, I already feel too old for so many things even though I'm still young. So will my life ever be 100% okay?

My friend also contacted me, hopefully this time I'll be able to put some effort into building a meaningful friendship, which would be exactly the great start I need to get my life back on track, so pray for me please.