Diary of me
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2023-03-08 06:41:05 (UTC)


I don't like English, there are too few words in this language. Sometimes I want to describe something and I realize that I can't do it because of the limitations of the English language and I invent new words or take them from another language.
I often think about the society that surrounds me now and I see so many things that I could decide for them if they listened to what I say. I thought that this was only a problem of Eastern Europe, but it turned out that this is also here. Total deafness and blockage of people's consciousness. They are so obsessed with races and their origins that they do not notice the root causes of their troubles. This unique combination of childish naivety and cruelty at the level of the laws of the jungle amazes me. Why is that? In some moments they are like children, and in some moments they almost lose their human face. It's so hard for me to watch all this. They say that the Slavs are very silent, but this is not true, when they talk to you here or ask you how your day went and you see that your interlocutor absolutely ignores everything that you told them, it breaks you from the inside. Why ask how my day was when if you don't care what I say? You are just stealing my time. I could spend those five minutes on work or even on my own reflection with more benefit than standing and telling you about my culture or interesting facts. I've stopped talking to people here, when someone starts talking to me at work or asks me how my day went I just keep quiet or give a very short answer. The worst thing is that this is not a problem of the lower intellectual strata, but a problem of all segments of the population. If someone from Eastern Europe seems silent to you, this does not mean that they does not like to communicate, it means that you are either very stupid, or you ignored what this person told you earlier. It seems to me, that other Slavs simply feel sorry for they personal time, to waste it on empty conversations with you. When we see that a person is ready to share something important, we will definitely keep up the conversation, we love to talk, but we speak for the sake of being heard and not for the sake of an empty conversation about nothing. I don't know if it's chauvinism or you really are like that, but it's insulting when you share your experience or knowledge with someone and the next day they ask some fact that they were told just yesterday. It's a shame to ask in the 21st century if a person knows how to use a marker or a mobile phone. This is literally real chauvinism, to consider that in other countries people are wild, and it’s a shame to do this after you have already talked to a person and they literally told you what level of development is in they country, but you just ignored it, as always, because you don’t know how to listen to others. You asked where I'm from just to ask, not because you're wondering where I'm from. I swear, when I have my next job, I'll be reporting questions like "do you know what a toilet looks like?" or "have you seen cars before with motors and wheels?" fuck you with such questions, you fucking chauvinist.
Oh fuck, again hate.
Well. Good thing the new episode of my favourite cartoon show is soon coming up, I'm very excited 😈