Colors of My Life
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2023-02-28 14:17:42 (UTC)

Finding Hope

Yesterday, I found a special song. A song like the world when everything is quiet except the birds’ chirps. A song like a breeze flowing through my shirt.

This morning was exhausting. I was stuck in an endless battle with myself.
I wanted hope. But I could only find hope in people who had other people. Where was hope for people who had no one?

When I put on my headphone and played the special song, the dark sand surrounding my body fell to the ground. All the sounds which pushed me into the abyss disappeared and my soul elevated into the air. I reach a better place—the place I used a million ways to imagine.

I found the transporter that could relieve me from the pain. The transporter that reminds me of how small my world is and how I’m so much more.

When I fall under the piles of sheets and numbers, I won’t be afraid because I’ll raise my head and see the light of my life waiting for me to hold.