The lonely codependent

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2023-03-06 04:56:26 (UTC)


I've had insomnia for quite a while now. I always wake up at around the same time at dawn then try to fall back asleep as soon as I can but I don't feel as rested after all this than before.

For this reason I checked the Chinese body clock to see why this may be happening.

Here's my result: (Sorry, I don't feel like turning on the computer now, maybe there it would be possible to upload the photo directly in contrast with the mobile app, I haven't tried that yet).

This seems to be accurate physically as I'm prone to skin problems and things like that. As for the mental part, I'm not sure. A source in another language said lungs are also associated with the lack of relationships, but that seemed too obvious, that's why I decided to check some English sources too. Obviously I'm not happy, but the cause of that has been the lack of progress for a long time.

Maybe I should just return to my old sleeping schedule because nowadays I've been up later playing computer games for 1-2 more hours - which doesn't help healthy sleeping either because you should stay away from electronic devices before going to bed.

So, good morning everyone, or good night, idk, I'll try to go back to sleep.