The lonely codependent

Addicted to you no more
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2023-03-05 09:35:24 (UTC)

God, tell me what to do

So, let's see my options yet again:
1 I'll sleep with the guy - too risky, not a good option
2 I'll not sleep with the guy - I won't feel like I'm a woman, not a good option
3 Getting a boyfriend instead - that could be a working option but you're totally against it, sorry for even mentioning it!

Do you know what? If any of these don't work, God, you should tell me what to do. I'm really curious and waiting for your answer. What would be the right thing to do in this situation that I can't see under these circumstances?

Anyway, last night I had a dream about one of my exes. I was taking part in an event organized by a local council so many people were helping out, including some of his relatives. Then I saw he was coming towards me but I didn't even want to look at him or say hello. The whole (imaginary) situation was very uncomfortable for me all along. How stupid, thank God it wasn't real!