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2023-03-05 04:08:08 (UTC)

An Answer!

The morning started off sluggishly. I did not want to arise from my bed after taking an extra gummy last night at bedtime. Finally, I did arise and since there is only one bathroom, and I was the last one up, I had to sit there for what seemed like an hour before I was able to get my day started. Then, it was rush to put the clothes on, pour my Diet Coke, put ice in it, mix my supplement with water, get the big girl, find her lead, prong collar and working harness, dress her which I decided at the last minute not to do until we were ready to do our shopping, and leave.

Everyone at the vet loved my wee big girl and she was a good girl whilst there. We were taken into a room and we talked with a very nice tech called Linda. I expressed my concerned…. Her not eating, behaviour change, sometimes seeming lethargic, etc.

Finally, the doctor came in. I thought I was looking at spending a couple hundred pounds on blood work but the vet said no blood work was required as he knew exactly what was wrong already. Now, if you’re reading this, first let me say thank you, and secondly, I hear your subliminal telepathy telling me to get on and tell you what’s wrong…. So, here it comes.

It seems that my Anatolian Shepherd who has never had a litter has…. Had a litter. Or rather, she thinks she has had a litter. It’s called false pregnancy or pseudo pregnancy. She is so certain she had a litter that she is producing milk, retaining fluid, etc, just as she would if she’d really whelped.

The treatment is to wait until the hormones regulate again, and then spay her. The vet here said he would work on a payment plan for me to get her spayed. I don’t know where I am going to have her spayed, Texas or Ireland, but either way, it’s going to happen. I phoned my vet back home and he said the same thing, he’d work on an estimate and a payment plan. If I let them operate on her in Texas, it will cost between $1000-$1200. If I have it done back home, it will cost between £990-£1100. It’s going to depend on where we are when her hormones level off.

After the vet, we went to get the wee mite’s CBD pain bones from the store. I wanted to go in with the big girl in her working harness, but there was a snag. A rather large snag, that of my girl herself. She has gained such weight from the fluid retention, that she no longer fits into this working harness. I hope her hormones regulate soon, as I need her to fit into her working harness so I can get her on the plane. If not, I will buy her a larger harness and have it rush shipped. I’m looking into that in case.

After this, a stop for a drink for me and dog, and coffee for my mother, we headed to the pet store. I thought……. Since the dog thinks she’s had a litter, I’ll give her something to mother. I bought her a toy lamb which she has adopted as her “baby”. She even guards it, but not inappropriately. If she doesn’t want you to touch her “baby,” she picks him/her/it up and moves the “baby” to a different spot where it can rest unmolested by human hands.

In the pet store, I let my dog go on a “Sniffy walk” or as I also call it, “Sniffari.” I got the wee mite a bag of food and the big girl a bigger bag of food, walked around a while, then left.

Then, I came home, watched some YouTube videos, ate lunch/dinner, and rested a while with both dogs on the bed with me plus the “baby”.

Carrie wants me to come for a visit either next weekend or the weekend starting on the 17th. I’m sure we’ll talk more about it in the coming days.