Evolving marriage
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2023-03-05 01:24:57 (UTC)

4 Times in 24hrs

Dear Diary,
Im sure this is going to be a Rated R or X entry . Adult eyes ONLY Sexy talk!

Husband and I have had a lot of sexual connection all week, other then the lunch time quickie. And I asked him thurs night to come hang with me but he didnt, and I got kinda mad inside over that as I requested time together that eve and he just played games for hours till I came in after 10pm standing next to him. So I was pissed by that point, plus I have been sick all wk coughing, allergies, sinus issues, and had no energy and kitchen was a mess as I wasnt cooking or had much energy to clean other then make what I wanted to eat and put my own dishes away. So I was annoyed I had all that to pick up and totally cleaned the kitchen and did laundry while he was gaming. So luckily I didnt blow up and get mad, I expressed my sadness instead. Find that works better then anger, telling him how sad I am or was. Hes less likely to be a jerk in response to that.

SO we laid in bed talking and I was on him and he was rubbing my head, I passed out it was nice then woke up coughing, booo

By friday I was finally starting to feel better! I made Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins! ANd Homemade soup with sausage veggies, bone broth, garlic, it was good a nice big pot. We got most of the snow shoveled away from the driveway and shady sides of the house, most of it melted the other day but still some sits in the shade.

So just been a cozy wk indoors between the snow. Looks like we will get a break from it for now, which Im am happy about and love all the sun shine coming in the front windows.

Ive been working hard at not erupting when angry, so friday afternoon, husband went to an appt, came home and was kinda jerky as I had the shovel and broom up on the balcony deck (to clean the snow off and throw down and pull off the slope roof side that gets full shade.)I wasnt done yet and had to haul those things up stairs, so he wanted to clean up the driveway and was all testy I had them up there and kinda just came home jerky and fixated on it. I was kinda sad, and stood there and then later I said "YOu know, there is no homemade soup or muffins for grumpy husbands, you cant have any" and he ended up apologizing and hugging me and said Yes I was a grumpasaurus to you.

I was so glad to have dinner and the muffins done hours before dinner time so made for a kick back evening.

We had dinner, hung out on the couch, then had a gummie pear edible together and watched tv, music videos and talked, the edibles hit him sooner then me every time. So he started his hand down my thigh. We just sit side my side on the big sectional sofa under a blanket, the lights out except for tv and the cube light and I had the music on, Oh forgot to add, we both showered before we got on the couch so I was just in a tank top and a bathrobe

He kept rubbing my thigh and touching me between my legs, I told him to go slow as I wasnt ready yet and to keep rubbing my inner thighs, which he did. And then we watched a Dirty kinda movie on Amazon called Lie with Me. there is sex and all that in it.

When the edibles kick in, I can feel it, wherever is tender with massage? Feels incredible and he was rubbing just above my knee on my thigh and it felt so good and then he worked his way down my thigh again to my pussy and he will just play with the lips and massage and knead them, God its incredible the feeling and gets me moaning and worked up and he starts to finger me. DId that for awhile and had me going crazy next to him I laid the other direction on the sectional with my legs over his lap. I finally just got up and asked if I could sit on him. He said yes and sat up on the corner of the sofa and I just got on top of his cock and yesss heaven. Riding him there in place and my breasts in his face, in his mouth and riding him so good, whenever we start that its incredible but he always has to grab my waist and stop me so I dont make him cum too soon.

So I think I may have written before, I want him to fist me, but Ive never said or asked, hes never tried, but Ive wanted him too and a wk or so ago he got 4 fingers in me he said which took awhile. So I wasnt sure, I guess I was afraid to ask to be fisted? IM always thinking "Oh this will be too much he wont like me saying that hes never asked me if he could, so guess he doesnt want too" Well as I road him I said "YOu know Im a fucking horny girl tonight, a bad girl, I want you to fist me" Well, he perked up with that and said "Oh yeah?"

Well then he got all obsessed with tv volume and we couldnt find the remote (mind you Im sprawled out after just being asked to be fisted) and hes looking for a remote he cant find and IM all , hurry up buddy, the mood is fading, your gonna loose me.

I finally found it and he got situated, we had the sex blanket, the coconut oil, he had warmed it so it was liquid. Let me just say, I dont remember everything and how we got there, but we did and it didnt take too long, and it felt incredible and I was so horny and turned on and the sensation, he kept commenting on his his hand went in further. How hot it was. And then he got up to get a sleeve. One of the largest ones, its a big thick sucker. And came and penetrated me with it on the couch, it was awesome.

We had a break to get a drink as we were both thirsty and I bend over at the counter drinking my water for him to penetrate me there from behind and he did, more heaven and making me moan. We then took the party to the bedroom.

I got on the edge of the bed on my hands and knees waiting for him and then he fucked me hard and good with the big sleeve on the edge of the bed, then on my back and I got the vibrator for my clit, we went at this for a long time.

He just keeps going on me now when I orgasm, I used to stop with an orgasm and pause, I felt I couldnt keep going, but Ive since learned I can, when I orgasm of course my body clenches and tightens and when Im in that state I want to stop then and there, but if I relax, let my body go limp again and my legs wide open, he can continue to fuck me and not stop and I can cum again soon, and repeat. Seriously since all this change? I orgasm a lot, since that trip to the midwest and a month plus apart? I can orgasm easily now.

Ill either have my legs straight up and feet around his neck or my legs spread open as wide was they can and sometimes him pinning them down, or I kinda have my legs open but then my feet are braced on his thighs for leverage, we dance back and forth between all that, and then sometimes just one leg up on his shoulder and the other down hanging off the bed as he fucks me that way and we just go and go and talk dirty, and have fun. Last night I used words I never use, I felt free to do so. Ive had a limit on dirty talk words, said I dont want them said to me, but I guess its okay if I say them huh? So I said I was his dirty slut, I said I was his slutty whore and to fuck my cunt, (yeah I said all those words I never allow or say)

but I was so turned on and I wanted to enjoy even more and turn things up a notch and I think because Ive had such a hard line about using those words, it was freeing? in a way to use them? Ive kinda feared them as too derogatory, and I said "Only tonight can you use these words because your fucking a slut okay?" as I dont want this our norm, just for when the dirty girl who wants fisting and to be a whore arrives, then you can. So the words are very arousing to me when I speak them when Im this horny. I can cum practically just because of the talk sometimes while being fuck with a huge cock sleeve at the same time,

He got a new sleeve a few wks ago, and its more horse inspired, holy fuck that thing makes me orgasm so fast and hard. And its huge, hes used it twice, and I felt sorta bruised inside those 2 times so told him thats just a now and then thing! Well he got it out after the fist and the large cock and then that one, Oh I took, "you take that big cock like a champ, look at you" he says to me and I just get more and more aroused, by the praise of how good I am and I want it as deep as possible (okay Im grinding on the couch wiggling as Im typing this Im aroused at the thought)

We went at it for so long its crazy, once I orgasm with that thing, its so overwhelming I cant do anymore and he has to take it off and that is when he puts his cock in me. He said how much he loves feeling me all stretched out and so wet from cumming and then its his turn and he pulled out and came on me. I laid there, whew, as he went to go clean up, I grabbed the wand and kept at myself, when he returned he found me there and grabbed the sleeve (it has an insert to use it as a toy too) and he went at me again with that thing. And as I said, everything is a big blur of pleasure and orgasms and driving me wild until I cant go anymore. We finally stopped both exhausted and passed out somewhere after 10pm I think.

I woke up at 1:30 am, I got up to get a drink and a snack, got back in bed and he was naked asleep and I got up against him, pressed my body, kissed his back, rubbed his ass cheeks, and grinded against him, then reached around, he turned over and I got up and laid on his abdomen, I then put the tip of him in mouth and then got up and sucked him a few times, he said he wanted to do more, got up and got a sleeve back on again and told me he wanted me on top of him in the bed. Oh wow, Ive never ridden him with that thing on, its huge and harder to take riding. But I did it and it with ease last night, and reminded him as Im hanging over him hanging onto the bed frame, that Im still your slutty whore for the evening to fuck, give it to me, fuck my pussy babe

and he did, GOd he did, so good, we went at that for awhile, and then back on the edge of the bed, and then he came again and we wrapped up (I always cum plenty)

Back to sleep.

I was awake at 7am, and got up to use the bathroom, have a muffin, sit on the couch and read some things on my phone. Was talking to a friend who said to go back in the bedroom to my husband, I laughed and said Naw,,, we are good.

Well I did go back, and laid with him and then asked him if I could suck him again, he obliged, and we got rolling again, oral back to him inside me on the edge of the bed, no sleeves, just him fucking the shit out of me. He was giving it to me so good, hard, driving me crazy and just keeping me going after each orgasm, I love that torture, riding each wave and not stopping.

We ended up passing back out again and I woke up, I could barely move, I was so tired and sore feeling and I didnt want to get up but needed to pee

I dragged myself out of bed, he was sleeping, it was almost 11:30am now. I got something to eat and took him back a muffin to eat. Did I write this correct? But we had sex AGAIN and more oral, I wanted him to use me, fuck my mouth as I had the vibrator and we went at that a lot. He said "I dont think I can cum this time but it feels good" and of course I wanted to try, I love sucking on him. And I wanted it deep. I would get to an orgasm with the wand and stop to catch my breath for a few seconds then have him back in my mouth again, sucking him hard, deep back and forth, swirling my tongue around the head, licking the back of his shaft up and down, opening up wide to hit my throat. all of it.

It gets me so fucking aroused and horny and the edibles keep you on this heightened state of just riding the wave.

So yeah, we had sex 4 times, thats a record for us I believe in this time frame.

We are both so sore, he said "Dont even come up to me for more" and I laugh, he said "Yeah we are good for the week" I had heated up the soup leftovers and pulled out the muffins, I took a shower then soaked in an epsom salt bath.

All is good, I giggle and tell him how much fun that was and how good it felt. I come up and hug him from behind and kiss the back of his neck and tell him how good he is.

It was incredibly fun , I want to masturbate now because of writing about it, mmmm

Okay IM playing card games online tonight with a leftover buzz from edibles and a tingle between my legs....