Never Broken
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2023-03-04 06:06:37 (UTC)

The state of Dev

Friday was a peaceful day mostly. I did not have an opportunity to take my afternoon nap like I usually do. I ordered pizza for everyone for dinner and got a 20% discount just for being me, I guess. I think the girl liked my Irish accent. Hey, I’m not proud. Ok, I am proud, but I’ll use what I can get.

I fear I am going to be forced into an operation on my left shoulder sooner rather than later. It is starting to hurt worse than the right ever did and it’s started locking up and clicking with motion. Need to get that MRI scan done as soon as I am home.

I am taking the dog to the vet later. I really hope they find something. I’m not saying I want her to be ill. I definitely do not. I want her to stay with me until she slips off this mortal coil, but not if she’s going to be aggressive.

I read in someone’s diary about something called voice to skull technology. I am a skeptic by nature, but this interests me, so I’m going to look into it further. I’m not saying I disbelieve the people who report this happening to them. I believe it happens and I believe it’s real. Is it all mental illness? I don’t think so. It’s too widespread for that. So…. What? It could be some sort of natural phenomena that makes someone assume they are hearing voices. It could be that there is really some technology out there that can allow this.

If you’re reading this and you’ve experienced it, I am in no way trying to discount your experience. In fact, I would be appreciative if you would contact me with more information.

An open minded skeptic