The Mystical Tomes
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2023-03-04 01:02:24 (UTC)


Welcome to my new diary.

I had to leave my old one because my ex threatened to sue me for defamation after reading the TRUTH and OPINION and FEELINGS that I wrote about him.

I've decided to make this new diary because I can't just sit here and not vent about this fucker. I'm so damn mad it's not even funny.

I might ...emphasis on might.... put all my old diary entries into this one so people can see it anyway because I NEED people to see how shitty this person is/was.

The deal today is that I went to go search something up on Facebook and it told me that he had a new post. So curious/nosy me checks it out. We aren't friends on Facebook anymore but we are still in contact because this fucker owes me money. So I go to his account and A) He's changed his profile picture. OK whatever I don't really care. But B) The most recent post he has is that he has a new girlfriend. ...We have been broken up for MAYBE 2 weeks. So rule of thumb if someone switches relationships that fast AND posts it on Facebook... they were cheating. And sure enough its dated on January 1st. We broke up in February. So he was at the very least talking to this bitch for a month before we broke up. No wonder he was so distant. I'm really mad at myself for trying my best and trying to be there for him thinking he was depressed.... holy shit I just realized. I haven't been to his house since ...I don't know maybe November... anytime I suggested coming over the answer was no. Of if I wanted to meet up or drive somewhere in the same car. The answer was always no. This ass-hole must have had his side piece over all the time.

There is so much in my head right now that I'm having a hard time writing it down.
I'm texting my friends about it, I'm trying to write it coherently, and I'm angry as all hell.
I really hope I don't miss anything.

So, we broke up the day before Valentine's. He initiated it but it was still pretty mutual. I was sick of the relationship and had been for months. But felt bad/guilty breaking up with him while his dad was sick. I had a tiny bit of hope that maybe we would be okay but it wasn't enough.

The most important thing about finding out that he has a girlfriend is not that they started dating in January, it's that they started dating in January of 2022.
This Mother Fucker has been cheating on me ....for a YEAR!?

Are you fucking kidding me right now?
How is that even possible?
How is that a thing?

There's something he said while ago it was something like our relationship has been difficult for a year and I was like..... things didn't get bad until the summer what you talking about? This. This is what he was talking about.
A fucking year.
How in the hell did he keep that from me for a fucking year?
I pride myself on being trusting of my significant other and I'm very worried that this is going to fuck that up. I trust a lot. Which I think is good because you need your freedom in a relationship. You need to be able to live your life without someone breathing down your neck. But that makes way for someone to cheat doesn't it? But I trust. I trusted him. He seemed trustworthy. I guess I was wrong. He must be an amazing actor and a master manipulator. I'm genuinely shocked. Not once did I expect he'd be cheating. And much less for a whole year.

I'm getting angry with myself because I'm going back through our relationship and seeing the signs that I missed and the things I did for him that he never deserved.

I fought with my best friend for him. Almost ruining our friendship. For this.
He ruined our cottage vacation and I let him.
I was so stressed out and depressed from that situation that I was late to work every day.
I told him I loved him. He told me he loved me. I don't believe he did anymore.
I lent him money because I trusted him. He told me he was struggling. He said he had no one to turn to. I trusted him.
He made such a beautiful picture of our future together but it must have all been a lie.
He offered to take my sister's cat. Why? What's happened to the cat now. I think I'm the most upset about the cat. I miss her. I haven't seen her since November. I hope she's okay. I'm upset that another bitch will get to snuggle her. I want her back. I've started crying now because I want that fucking cat. I've cat-sit for her since she was a kitten. And now this ass hole owns her and thinks he knows everything about her. I miss her. It's like she's passed away. I'm mourning for my sister's cat more than anything. He better not be hurting her.

Continuing on.... He came to almost all of my family's Christmas parties last year. Spent time with my family. Made them like him.
His dad was diagnosed with cancer and things were really hard. He made a Go Fund Me for his dads medical bills but he was using the money to pay for his own bills and it always made me feel really fucking icky. My friends and family donated so much money to him. I wish they never did.

One of my best friends actually looked up his girlfriend and saw that they are in Halifax right now. That makes me so damn mad. He hasn't gone anywhere in months because of his dad. All of a sudden he feels free and goes to a different province. He NEVER expressed a desire to go there to me. I'm really fucking mad that he's done that because that is not a cheap trip. If he can pay for a plane ride or gas to drive there then he can afford to pay me back. I'm LIVID.

He's a user, a liar, a manipulator and honestly so many other things. I'm beyond upset. I need him to pay me back right the fuck now so that I can get rid of him from my life. I want him gone. And I sure as shit hope that karma comes back and bites him in the ass. Life has been hard for him - or so he's said - and I really really hope it fucking stays that way. I wish nothing but pain and torture for him in the rest of his life.