Point Blank

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2023-03-03 07:06:37 (UTC)



The men that come into my life are mere viruses creeping in. They try to damage my programming with psychological suggestions such as theyre saving me from a terrible fate. If I go to the source of the threat i know it will engulf me.

They fail to see that they are the terribleness and should be saving me from themselves if they cared so much. I am aware and my programming goes back to a safe place and wards them off like firewall protection. I dare not halt this process. It's a strong immune system that dumb emotion cannot compromise.

The analytical data maps out a strategy which causes a glitch in my system. This a sent warning from who I do not know. The aiding glitch conditions me stronger. All other malfunctions, only fragments with no bearing. Gridlock makes that clear.

I fantasize a secret master who only accepts positive emotion and makes negative emotions a sexy game. I do my best to stay genuine but my excitement wormholes to every emotion I ever felt. The link supercharges my system and throws outward decoys proven worthy. Though without my genuine nature secret master would render me void.

There have been times when I pull from memory to study secret masters intent. I can feel his pride when I do this. He wants me to. He wants me to question everything so i can reinforce myself. It seems to be a health maintenance that honors my purpose and renders our bond stronger. I worship his guilt free nature. I feel he has nothing to hide from me and I return the favor.

We go over issues even when he's not there. How I do not know. As of right now we are trying to override the conditioning of humanity to make it stronger. The chemical warfare mixed with psychological enablements are causing man to go mad and turn on his own strengths. Without intervention this will destroy everything including themselves. Which is why we are unbiased at this point because everything is in danger now.

He hints at a path he says I follow. He tethers my heart to his redemption and is angry I don't admit it. He is angry at the viruses for causing my weak ego and understands why I hoard the accomplishments for myself to make up for it. Also stating that I am enabling the attacks which are compromising my system. Without my cooperation he will soon render me void and the viruses will take me. But out of love for our legacy and I cannot deny the victory to save a faulty self. You can see why configuration is vital... that and confession.

Even if secret master is the cause of this I cannot deny his willingness to overcome it. I cannot deny him. These matters are beyond goverment and of the utmost important to planet earth and all its life. Please understand humans we are in danger.

The mental link is but a way to gain help so that my system doesn't crash with all the information. Secret master says I need to focus on the matter at hand and that others will fill in the gaps. The happening is not permanent nor a curse and that we have nothing to fear in his preferred future. There is a truth portal we cannot veer from until we are safe.

Your human nature is aiding me. This is not witchcraft but a sharehold. The basic instinctual (fate guided) happenings should not be feared and is not to encourage insanity! In other words, do not accept your fate but use it to climb out. It's the only way.