Never Broken
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2023-03-03 05:03:05 (UTC)

I so can’t deal with this!

Thursday was a horrible day. The morning started off well enough but then, whilst I was feeding the dogs, the big girl attacked the wee one. She didn’t hurt him, but she scared him plenty. Food fights aren’t uncommon, though responsible dog owners do everything they can to lessen the chances of these fights occurring.

About an hour later, when I was coming in the room with my own meal, big girl was right behind the door, head up. I spoke to her and she backed off from the doorway and allowed me to enter the room. Wee one was on the bed. He stood up to see what I had in my hands and the big girl attacked him again. No, he isn’t hurt, but I am now in a state of fight or flight mode. I’ve found a veterinarian and made an appointment for Saturday. Hopefully, they will find something treatable.

This dog has never shown aggression. She hasn’t a mean bone in her body and this, along with a couple other things, make me concerned about a medical cause. I know it sounds horrible to pray for something to be wrong, but if they say she is fine, and she keeps doing this, I will not be able to keep her. Having a dog that is dog aggressive is no picnic. I had dog aggressive dogs 3 times in the past 7 years. My PTSD will not let me handle another dog aggressive dog. Not after my dog attacks.

During the first attack, I stuck my arm in her way so that she would bite me instead of the wee mite. She didn’t bite me. I have been shaking and emotional all day. My mother is being her usual insensitive self. I spoke to S though and she did not judge me for considering the possibility of rehoming her.

The only good news is that I did talk with Carrie. Actually spoke to her for over an hour. I believe her totally. She did tell me to stop worrying about what happened because she forgives me and I shouldn’t beat myself up…. That’s grand news. She was also very supportive over the dog issue.

Reading Waiting for Wednesday by Nicci French. The third in the series. It’s excellent.