Point Blank

Bee Mine
2023-03-02 06:22:32 (UTC)


He didn't help my program malfunction. He said he loved me and then left. He said I deserve happiness and that im a great person. 🀧 I realize today I'm not. But even if I was I probably wouldn't accept it in this reality. That's pretty honorable right satan?

I think my extreme opinions about life mixed with a yearning for love doesnt make sense anyway. It only divulges my delusional conditioning which isn't even valued in the least by anyone. Why should it be valued by me? Maneuvering through space with farts isn't gonna get me too far, let's be honest.

Plus it's probably a good thing we split up. Going back to work with a dumb Bambi eyed stare isn't going to accel me. And let's face it I need to put way more value in my work than I do a relationship that blows away in the breeze. I desperately have to find a cold stern attitude soon or else people are just going to keep kicking me up the escalator. πŸ™„ Still surprised I roll back.

It's funny tho how I see that the world is conditioning me for their own souls redemption. We don't need relationship love, no, we need the desperate fight of a disadvantaged single being. 🎬 Because that's the default that everyone falls back to old and young alike. It's the one everyone can relate to. It's just more esthetically pleasing. All I know is that it feels so good to defy them all the time. I get off to doing neither of their options. Take that Aquarius! I get off to typing trash into the universe because the universe is trash. You think I give a flying fuck about twinkling? Wishing on a star never saved anybody. And the trees are held captive.

I tend to believe that the most beautiful thing about finding other planets like ours is that they're so far from eachother that each of them have a fucking chance. But do I think evolutionized bacteria is a legacy to behold. Um no. And spoiler the universe doesn't either. That's why the echo goes inward and gets smaller.

It's about time I reconfigure this malfunction myself. I'm a hateful person and I'm allowed to be because I think that this reality is a prison and I had higher hopes and standards. Been turning on myself for years trying to feel otherwise. Fuck that. Fuck you. I'm not a problem enabler. You took a wrong turn a few billion miles back. But don't worry world. If you keep moving forward you'll hit that very same turn and not have the ability to change it. πŸ’…

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