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2023-03-01 09:09:06 (UTC)

Spite, A Gluon Binding Quarks

I was thinking this morning about spite as a gluon binding quarks. It is practically the determining factor for molecular identity. Works much the same in psychology with quirks. Spite ties our being together through dilemmas, expertise, and morals. There are no backward bending knees to call that bluff.

We all use spite as a retaliatory act yet fail to ever see it as a neutral aid. What I mean is that spite can be used for self improvement too. We can take toxic resentment and refurbish it where it's needed instead of investing in a defense mechanism that is only ever abiding. We can even find spite in places other than human interaction. Man made treachery is irrelevant. Treachery encourages improvement sure, BUT it also halts it. Which brings me to my next gem of the week which is a term I just learned... Gestalt • an organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts. I think the condition itself is toxic but taken at face value hints to a very supreme solution. To know God's dilemma must give us some power in the matter I suppose. Maybe gestalt is God in the scheme of our own inner workings and we create his dilemma and authority. Maybe that's what obscures his image with a "more than" value. Idk seems fishy to me.

Either way, there are some resentments that supposedly cannot be overcame but then again thats retaliation to abide and not improvement. Death itself, for example. The concept of death does grant appreciation of life but in a sort of terrorist happening that aids a neutral stance. Makes me wonder if neutrality is deaths opponent or sidekick? I urge us to rethink our emotional reactions (spitefully). And while we're at it let's resent every possible death we could have fallen to. Perhaps that will splice reality better and fulfill our whole.