Slowly descending into madness
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2023-03-01 20:42:46 (UTC)

Trips and tricks

So, I've started finding out about more new stuff <33

>in Feb 2022, he meets, he tells me that a childhood friend of him confessed that she was in love with him and he flipped

> he also told me that he started creating distance between them. Like he's not talking to her normally. He lied <33

>I do a bit digging which I usually avoid and I find out my man lied about a wholeass trip he took WITH THE SAME GIRL in January 2022.

> he never told me about the trip. <33 he lied about this too.

>he prolly feels guilty about it. AND THATS WHY he unblocks me and decides to make out with me. Somewhere in his head prolly it was idea to make everything even (?)

Every little piece of information makes me wanna throw up. Disgusting. Disgusting. Disgusting. I feel like I'm reliving 2019, the time Rayat told me no I don’t have feelings for my ex and then went to trip with her anyway. All men are same. I'm just highly disappointed this time. Man keeps on hating fuckboys, turns out to be one. Dude what the hell.

Now I'm suspecting something happened in the Bandarbans tour and sylhet tour both Idk what happened between them but definitely something happened because everytime I talked about going on a trip he literally lost his shit. We can suspect from that scene here that he projected. Not only that, last time we texted, he was angry about me being on 9 days of tour so I charged him "keno? Tumi tour e jao na?" he didn’t reply to this. Not only that, when we talked over phone in June, I was telling him it'll be hard to forget him and he said, why? We didn’t do anything, we haven’t even been on a trip together, so the keyword here is trip.

So I need to find out tf actually happened on his trips so he was so paranoid about me going on tours. I have to find out.