Evolving marriage
2023-03-01 06:48:19 (UTC)

Sex Coaching

Dear Diary,
Had a day in the big city with husband, had to get lab work done, chiro, hyperbaric therapy all those appts done and grabbed lunch and dinner to go to take home. Supposed to be another snow storm so we just grabbed take out food to take home, we get so many diff new chocies when we are in the big city so have to enjoy it. Wow, though food is so much more expensive now!

Ive not been feeling great, allergies Im sure, this happened last yr and I ended up in Urgent Care twice, tested for flu, co v id, and rsv, etc and I had none so Dr said its allergies, people have moved here he said and in their second yr get hit with allergies and thats whats happened, but its between snowy temps then it melts and here I am with my sinuses draining in my throat, coughing(sexy huh?) and IM just tired.

I had a coughing fit at the lab and had to run outside, just before my turn! I was dying coughing, this happens when there is something in the air and its like I cough and my throat spasms? and I cant stop, cough drop or water dont help, its like I just have to cough hard and then it eventually passes, but tears in my eyes and IM exhuasted! I did get an inhaler but didnt have it with me as I dont have much need and I got it last yr,

Looking forward to warmer days and sunshine, And the house we bought in the midwest, the contractor is now framing out the kitchen and bath, the changes as it was down to studs, and so getting moving on that and figuring out what I have to bring on the next trip that he can use. Ill be going in April for sure.

WIth how IM feeling Im so run down tired its hard to feel sexy as the effort and my body right now will make me feel worse. We did have sexy time the night i started to feel crummy so at least hubby did get to have some fun, and the last time I just walked up to him and said "I want to have sex with you right now" and he was in the kitchen and said "Well okay then, lets go to the bedroom and make that happen" haha, it was a sorta quickie, and its good I did as I ended up feel crappy after that.

He got a new sleeve, its a beast! And wow, its a bit overwhelming and does the trick on me, so much so I have to tell him to use it sparingly as it does me in, I mean IM DONE after that thing. But I have to say its a nice change of pace to be exhausted after sex. To the point I just roll over and curl up and pass out after, that was never me until this past yr.

They say women crave variety in sex, and yes we do but you dont realize how fun it is till you really are having that and my husband gets off on it too so it works for both of us. He is always saying "Thank you for entertaining my fetish for toys" and IM all "Oh yeah, twist my arm, I love it too"

Ive cut back on the edible usage also. mostly because I notice I dont get much done and if we do it more then one night a wk that really cuts into my motivation for stuff for the day following. Also I am noticing how fun and thrilling sex is with edibles and dont want to just rely on that either and make sure we are just coming together without toys and edibles at times, just us as we are. I think that is important too

But yes, edibles make it a lot of fun dont get me wrong!

I have had my husband and a friend tell me I should be a coach, on sexual matters, etc, and I have thought of such things, I just feel like I have to be a better place mentally but I spend my days talking to people about such things and trying to help them and their marriages and people on the site, had a woman I spoke to tonight and another guy writing me about his wife, and this is my time online these days, playing armchair therapist with people.

I love to learn, Im curious about people and sexuality and all that makes us tick and why we do what we do etc....

But for now, I have enough things to keep me busy so I guess my services are free for the time being, :)